“White House Sleepover”
Season 1, Episode 3
Air Date

October 2, 2015

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"White House Sleepover" is the third episode of Season 1 of Day of a Soldier. It aired on October 2, 2015.

Fanmade episode by Andre132.

Plot Edit

Spin and Bob have a sleepover at the White House but find out Mary, Sebastian, Sarah and Marcus are there too. Meanwhile, Leo and Chase rescue Deo from Plane Person.

Story Edit

Spin and Bob go to the White House because spiders have infected their capsules. However, Mary is there because she's unapprieciated at the school, Sebastian and Sarah are there because the president is writing letters to say that they're not evil and Marcus is there because he is being used to scan the items from the last episode.

Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

  • Max Charles as Spin Krane
  • Brandon Salgado-Telis as Bob Krane
  • Skai Jackson as Mary Krane
  • Cole Ewing as Sebastian Krane
  • Ashley Argota as Sarah Krane
  • Mateus Ward as Marcus Davenport

Recurring Cast Edit

  • Billy Unger as Chase Davenport
  • Tyrel Jackson Williams as Leo Dooley
  • John Eric Bentley as Mr. President
  • Mick the Dog as Deo
  • Kamil McFadden as Rick Laps

Guest Cast from Lab Rats Edit

  • Nicole Pettis as Nicola Reed

Mentioned Cast Edit

  • Spencer Boldman as Adam Davenport
  • Hal Sparks as Donald Davenport

Trivia Edit

  • Mr. President's second appearance.
  • This is Donald's first absence in the series.
  • Spin has a glitch where he grows instead of shrinks.
  • This is the third time in a row one of Spin's abilities/glitches are revealed.
  • Plane Person has bionics as of this episode.
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