The Destroyer Problem is the first episode of Series 1 of Lab Rats: Killer Missions. It is a spin-off to Lab Rats: Ultimate Destruction, which is a spin-off to Lab Rats: Bionic Island.
“The Destroyer Problem”
Season 1, Episode 1
Air Date

March 27, 2016





Episode Guide

“Do We Have To?”

Overview Edit

After the Destroyer almost made Perry kill Bree, the team try to keep the defences up. They decide they need to move out of the academy.

Story Edit

The team are having a ice cream party at the academy, in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the academy, but Donald comes bearing bad news, about the Academy and the life of the soldiers. Since the students are wrecking the place every time they do training, and after the Destroyer problem, Donald has decided they should maybe leave the academy and destroy it. Adam and Chase protest, while Bree is fine with all of it.

Meanwhile, Spin, Bob and half of the soldiers pretend to do missions. Bob really wants to have a real mission, so the guys go to a little island near the academy and Bob makes a real problem, with Spin almost killed by him. Spin and Bob then fight continuously, but then the soldiers fight each other too. Back at the Academy, Destroyer, a villain from Lab Rats: Ultimate Destruction, arrives at the Academy. The gang flee the island and blow it up, killing Destroyer.

Trivia Edit

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