The Comic About the Rats
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Season 4, Episode 8-9
Vital statistics
Air date April 29, 2015
Written by Brandon Frangipani
Directed by Victor Gonzales
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The Comic About the Rats is the 8th-9th episode in Season 4 of Lab Rats: Bionic Island. It will air on April 29, 2015. This is a 2-part episode.

Fanmade episode by OfficialBrandonF.


The team finds out that someone has written a comic about them with false information, so they go and find out that there is a new enemy rising. Meanwhile, Donald and Douglas get a strange video call from someone they haven't met in over ten years.


Main CastEdit

  • Billy Unger as Chase Davenport
  • Spencer Boldman as Adam Davenport
  • Kelli Berglund as Bree Davenport
  • Tyrel Jackson Williams as Leo Dooley
  • Hal Sparks as Donald Davenport

Recurring CastEdit

  • Jeremy Kent Jackson as Douglas Davenport
  • Max Charles as Spin
  • Brandon Salgado-Telis as Bob
  • Mateus Ward as Marcus Davenport

Guest CastEdit

  • Brandon Frangipani as Jack Ryder (debut)
  • Alex Perrault as Spikestrip

Mentioned CastEdit

  • Angel Parker as Tasha Davenport
  • Ashley Argota as S-1


  • This is the debut (fanmade) appearance of Jack Ryder.
    • This is also the debut of Spikestrip, who created the comic about the Lab Rats.
  • Donald and Douglas reveal to Adam, Bree, and Chase that they have a real biological father out in space.
    • This is probably the first (fanmade) mention of Vincent Davenport, who will possibly be introduced later in the season.
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