Spikette Krane
Full Name

Sarah Krane


Spikette Krane (commando app)
Cupcake, S-Done (Leo)
S-1 (former name)
Soldier-1 (former full name)



Date of Birth


Resides in

Krane's Lair (formerly)
Island (formerly)
Davenport Bionic Academy (formerly)
Davenport Bionic Lair


Krane's Bionic Soldier (formerly)
Bionic superhuman
Student at Davenport Bionic Academy (formerly)
Mentor at Davenport Bionic Academy (for a day)
Student at Davenport Bionic Lair
Builder of Davenport Kids Lair

Eye Color

Green (Triton App)

Hair Color



Victor Krane (father)
Spin Krane (brother)
Bob Krane (brother)
Sebastian Krane (brother)
Sarah Krane (counterpart)
Charlie Krane (brother)
Donald Krane III (brother)
Davenport Team Soldier (brother)
Mary Krane (sister)
More Bionic Soldiers (brothers and sisters)


Chase Davenport/Spike Davenport (dating, possible boyfriend and girlfriend)


Chase Davenport/Spike Davenport
Adam Davenport
Bree Davenport
Leo Dooley
Donald Davenport
Terry Perry
Douglas Davenport
Spin Krane
Bob Krane
Sebastian Krane
Marcus Davenport
Victor Krane (formerly)
Mary Krane


Chase Davenport (formerly)
Adam Davenport (formerly, commando app)
Bree Davenport (formerly)
Leo Dooley (formerly)
Donald Davenport (formerly)
Terry Perry (formerly)
Douglas Davenport (formerly)
Special Agent Graham


Davenport Bionic Academy (formerly)
Davenport Bionic Lair


Davenport Industries
Victor Krane (formerly)

First Episode

Spike vs. Spikette (LR)
Detention Tension (DOAS)

Last Episode

Spike vs. Spikette (LR)
Detention Tension (DOAS)

Portrayed By

Ashley Argota

Sarah Krane's commando app is a character who appears in Spike vs. Spikette and Detention Tension. She is portrayed by Ashley Argota.

Fanmade character by Andre132.

Personality Edit

Just like Spike, she is very mad and likes to destroy stuff. Unlike Spike, she has a romantic side and even battled Spike to get him to go out with her.

Family Edit

Victor Krane Edit

Krane is Spikette's father. Presumably, he created Sarah's commando app to battle Adam, Bree, Chase and maybe Spike

Spin Krane Edit

Spin is Spikette's younger brother. He helped deactivate Spikette and get Sarah back.

Sarah Krane Edit

Sarah is Spikette's calm counterpart. It is unknown if Spikette knows about Sarah, and if she likes her or not.

Friends Edit

Chase/Spike Edit

Chase/Spike is Spikette's friend and boyfriend. Spikette only battled Chase/Spike to get him to date her, as she was interested in him.

Leo, Tasha and Spin Edit

Leo, Tasha and Spin were the ones who helped Spikette to turn back into Sarah.

Romances Edit

Chase/Spike Edit

Chase/Spike was Spikette's crush who later became her boyfriend. She battled Chase/Spike only because she wanted him to be her boyfriend.

Enemies Edit

Adam Davenport Edit

Spikette fought Adam as he was protecting Chase when Spike deactivated. Adam didn't know that Spikette was trying to get Chase to love her.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • All of Sarah's powers: As Spikette is the commando app version of Sarah, she still has Sarah powers. However, she has some added powers that Sarah doesn't have.
  • Super Strength: It is shown Spikette has super strength, as she managed to battle Adam and picked him up and threw him across the training area.
  • Martial Arts: It is also shown Spikette has learnt martial arts, as she managed to dodge all of Adam's attacks.

Trivia Edit

  • She is the second commando app, the first being Spike.

Appearances in Lab Rats Edit

Season 4 Edit

Appearances in Day of a Soldier Edit

Season 1 Edit

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