These are the rules on this wiki. Follow them!
  1. No cursing: Swear words are not acceptable on this wiki and if you use them, you will get blocked.
  2. No cyber-bullying: No being mean to other users or when an admin spots you, you will be blocked.
  3. No spamming: If you post the same thing over and over, your comments/edits will be deleted and you will be blocked.
  4. No deleting: If you feel a page is not needed, please contact an admin and give them a link to delete it.
  5. No hating: If you go on a page and post a mean comment about it or edit it to something rude, you will get blocked.
  6. No pointless things: If you add a pointless picture, page, video or category, it will be deleted.
  7. No duplicates: If you add the same pages, pictures or videos, one of them will get deleted.
  8. No renaming: If you want to rename a page, ask an admin first with a link to the page.
  9. No insulting: If you insult anyone, including admins, you shall get blocked.

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