“Life of a Davenport”
Season 1, Episode 7
Davenport Industries
Air Date

October 30, 2015

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"Life of a Davenport" is the seventh episode of Season 1 of Day of a Soldier. It aired on October 30, 2015.

Fanmade episode by Andre132.

Plot Edit

When Donald gets a new TV show but doesn't let Spin, Bob and Mary be in it, Maria tells the kids that a bully also kicked her from her own show, who turned out to be Plane Person. Meanwhile, Sarah and Marcus find out Sebastian is secretly working for the president.

Story Edit

Spin, Bob and Mary make a show called Life of a Davenport for Donald. However, Donald wouldn't let them appear or star in it. Maria tells Spin, Bob and Mary that she once had a TV show called Dancing with a Davenport, but she got kicked out by Plane Person, who Spin and Bob recognise immediately.

Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

  • Max Charles as Spin Krane
  • Brandon Salgado-Telis as Bob Krane
  • Skai Jackson as Mary Krane
  • Cole Ewing as Sebastian Krane
  • Ashley Argota as Sarah Krane
  • Mateus Ward as Marcus Davenport

Recurring Cast Edit

  • Hal Sparks as Donald Davenport
  • John Eric Bentley as Mr. President
  • Kamil McFadden as Rick Laps
  • Laura Marano as Maria Davenport

Mentioned Cast Edit

  • Nicole Pettis as Nicola Reed
  • Mick the Dog as Deo
  • Benjamin King as Dilan Davenport

Trivia Edit

  • The reason that Sebastian wasn't in the last episode was because he was with the president.
  • The president and Sebastian are close friends.
  • Rick returns.
  • It is revealed Plane Person's real name is Rick Laps.
  • The events from Bad Doggy Care, White House Sleepover, Billion Dollar Backstory and Lab Rats are mentioned.
  • Mr. President returns.
  • Spin, Bob, Mary, Sebastian, Sarah, Marcus, Donald and Mr. President find out Rick has bionics.
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