Dog Leo 'Deo'
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Full Name

Dog Leo 'Deo'


Bionic Dog



Date of Birth


Resides in

Street (formerly)
Davenport Household (formerly)
Mission Creek Bionic School


Leo's bionic pet

Eye Color


Hair Color

White, brown and black






Chase Davenport
Adam Davenport
Leo Dooley
Donald Davenport
Spin Krane
Mary Krane
Sarah Krane
Marcus Davenport
Douglas Davenport
Bob Krane
Sebastian Krane


Donald Davenport (formerly)
Spin Krane (formerly)
Plane Person




Leo Dooley
Bionics (possibly)

First Episode

Bionic Dog (LR)
Detention Tension (DOAS)

Last Episode

Bionic Dog (LR)

Portrayed By

Mick the Dog

is a character who appears in Bionic Dog. He is the first dog character. He is also a recurring character in Day of a Soldier. He is portrayed by Mick the Dog.

Fanmade character by Andre132.

Personality Edit

Deo is playful and usually loves to be around Leo or Bob. He may love visiting new places, as he geo-leaped to a plane.

Friends Edit

Leo Dooley Edit

Leo and Deo are good friends. Leo used to own Deo and told Douglas to give him bionics.

Donald Davenport Edit

Donald and Deo are friends. Deo forgave Donald for being rude and accepted the fact that he had to leave.

Douglas Davenport Edit

Douglas and Deo are friends. Douglas gave Deo bionics.

Bob Krane Edit

Bob and Deo are good friends. Bob thinks Deo is cute, making Deo want to hang out with him more.

Adam and Sebastian Edit

Deo is friends with Adam and Sebastian. Adam and Sebastian helped look for him.

Enemies Edit

Donald Davenport (formerly) Edit

Donald and Deo used to be enemies. Donald thought Deo was useless and Deo thought Donald was selfish.

Spin Krane (formerly) Edit

Deo and Spin are former enemies. Spin used to be jealous because Deo is cuter than him.

Rick Laps Edit

Deo and Rick are enemies. Rick insulted Deo, Donald, Douglas, Adam and Sebastian.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Molecularkinesis: Deo can levitate things with his mind.
  • Heat Vision: Deo can shoot fire from his eyes.
  • Super Speed: Deo can run faster than normal humans.
  • Geo-Leaping: Deo can teleport to other places, such as a plane.

Glitches Edit

  • Uncontrollable Geo-Leaping: Deo can sometimes geo-leap to the wrong place.

Trivia Edit

  • He is the first dog character on the show with a name.
  • He is the first bionic dog.
  • He is owned by Leo.

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