Davenport Team Soldier
Eric allan kramer
Full Name

Krane (fist name unknown)


Davenport Team Soldier



Date of Birth


Resides in

Davenport Bionic Lair


Krane's Bionic Soldier (formerly)
Student at Davenport Bionic Lair
Member of Davenport Team (Ultimate Tailgate Challenge)

Eye Color


Hair Color



Victor Krane (father)
Spin Krane (brother)
Bob Krane (brother)
Sebastian Krane (brother)
Sarah Krane (sister)
Charlie Krane (brother)
Donald Krane III (brother)
Mary Krane (sister)
Other Bionic Soldiers (brothers and sisters)




Donald Davenport
Terry Perry
Douglas Davenport
Spin Krane
Bob Krane
Sebastian Krane
More Bionic Soldiers


Chase Davenport (Ultimate Tailgate Challenge)
Adam Davenport (Ultimate Tailgate Challenge)
Bree Davenport (Ultimate Tailgate Challenge)
Leo Dooley (Ultimate Tailgate Challenge)
Sarah Krane (Ultimate Tailgate Challenge)


Davenport Bionic Lair


Davenport Industries

First Episode

Ultimate Tailgate Challenge

Last Episode

Ultimate Tailgate Challenge

Portrayed By

Eric Allan Kramer

Davenport Team Soldier is a character in the Davenport Team in Ultimate Tailgate Challenge. He is portrayed by Eric Allan Kramer.

Fanmade character by Andre132.

Personality Edit

Not much has been revealed, but he seems to be confident. It is unknown if he is competitive or not.

Family Edit

Spin, Bob and Sebastian Edit

Spin, Bob and Sebastian are Davenport Team Soldier's brothers. Spin, Bob and Sebastian joined him in the end against the Lab Rats Team.

Sarah Krane Edit

Sarah is Davenport Team Soldier's sister. He had to run against her in the Ultimate Tailgate Challenge.

Friends Edit

Members of the Davenport Team Edit

Davenport Team Soldier is friends with the Davenport Team as he worked with the team pretty well.

Members of the Soldiers Team Edit

Davenport Team Soldier is friends with the Soldiers Team, as he had no problem with them joining the Davenport Team.

Terry Perry Edit

Davenport Team Soldier is friends with Perry. He seemed happy when she said that the Soldiers Team was joining the Davenport Team.

Donald Davenport Edit

Donald and Davenport Team Soldier is friends with Donald. When Donald announced the Davenport Bionic Lair, Davenport Team Soldier was happy.

Enemies Edit

Members of the Lab Rats Team Edit

In the challenge, Davenport Team Soldier was against the Lab Rats Team.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Super Strength: Davenport Team Soldier can lift heavy things.

Trivia Edit

  • He was the only named soldier in the Davenport Team.
  • He played football.
  • His only seen ability is super strength.
  • His actor is the 2nd cast member from Good Luck Charlie to be on the show, and the 1st is Bradley Steven Perry, who played Kaz, and the 3rd is Leigh-Allyn Baker, who played Mrs. Crat.

Appearances Edit

Season 4 Edit

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