Davenport Industries

Made by Davenport Industries.

"Davenport Bionic Lair" is a place that appeared ever since the end of Ultimate Tailgate Challenge until the end of Season 4.

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Warning: The bionic lair was destroyed in Soldiers, Attack. All of the residents are now living in the bionic school.

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  • Chase Davenport (Mentor, head of cheerleading squad)
  • Adam Davenport (Mentor, cheerleader)
  • Bree Davenport (Mentor, cheerleader)
  • Leo Dooley (Mentor)
  • Donald Davenport (Principal, mentor, creator)
  • Terry Perry (Security Guard)
  • Tasha Davenport (Vice-Principal)
  • Eddy (Smart Lair System)
  • Douglas Davenport (Security Guard, science teacher, mentor)
  • Spin Krane (Mentor)
  • Bob Krane (science teacher when in Douglas' body)
  • Stephanie (Leader of Cheersquad)

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