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Four students at the Davenport Bionic Academy get into a lot of trouble while training to be bionic heroes, with Leo Dooley as their mentor constantly having to save their butts while teaching them life lessons.


  • Trent is an antagonist. He somehow got bionics and he constantly attacks the academy.
  • Terry Perry is Head of Security and she is very protective over the
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  • Leo is constantly having visitors to the island, including Tasha, Rose and Janelle, who is now his girlfriend.
  • Leo and Sarah, formerly S-1, are no longer arch-enemies. They are very close friends and even consider each other brother and sister. Janelle and Chase sometimes gets jealous of their close relationship.
  • Spin has a crush on Sarah and constantly tries to fight Chase for her.
  • Bob still has a creepy obsession with Bree.
  • Christina is in love with Spin.
  • Spin, Bob and Christina are Intermediate Level and wear green suits. Sarah is Expert Level and wears a red suit. Leo is an Expert during the premiere but soon becomes a mentor.


  • Instead of a spin-off, the current show may just be continued like this, starting with Season 5 and ending with Season 6 or 7.


  • Season 1
  • Season 2
  • Season 3
  • Season 4
  • Season 5
  • Season 6
  • Season 7 (possibly)